Online Benefits Portals

Online Benefits Portals

Website Portals for Employee Communications

House all important company communications in an easy to access online portal.
Your benefits portal is a great venue to communicate the benefits program, house contact information, deliver special messages and interact with your employees. Inside your Benefits Portal, your employees will find the information they need to make informed benefit decisions.
CPI will build, brand, design and write creative content showcasing your benefits program in a professional portal.
The Benefits Portal also provides an opportunity to reinforce your organization’s commitment to your employees’ health and well-being. CPI will host your benefits portal.

Benefits of Online Portals

Dedicated Benefits Website

Direct employees to a dedicated website for their benefits information that stays current throughout the year.

Open Enrollment

Diseminate information quickly during open enrollment to insure effective employee communications.

Always Available

Use the portal for important employee news and information and direct new hires to the portal to learn about their benefits.

View Sample Benefits Portals

Koniag Benefits Portal

A dedicated site that provides Koniag employees with the information, tools, and resources to understand and make decisions about their benefits for the coming year. Koniag’s goal is to offer benefits and programs to meet employee health, financial, personal and professional needs.

BMC Benefits Portal

This site was designed to inform BMC employees about upcoming benefits changes, provide them information so they can be prepared for open enrollment, and provide other information about current and future benefits.