HTML Emails

HTML Emails

Company Emails With an Impact

Branded emails designed to grab attention.
HTML e-mail will provide your message with a link to video message streams, audio visual presentations, benefits website, online enrollment, carrier portals, wellness and conventional written content as PDF file attachments.
Keep employees informed regardless of location.
Emailing is any easy way to reach all employees within an organization quickly and efficiently. Sent from your company network, you can have visibility of all deliveries to insure your email was read.

Benefits of HTML Emails

Grabs Attention

HTML email is more colorful and eye catching. Use logos, images, and graphics to grab your readers’ attention.

Quickly Deliver Information

Email is a excellent way to reach employees across multiple locations timely and efficiently to make sure important information is delivered.

Link Important Data

Use HTML email to include links to important information such as open enrollment, company benefits portal, or downloadable attachments.

HTML Email Samples