Employee Communication Posters

Disseminate important company information throughout physical office locations.
Posters allow human resources to communicate in break rooms, down hallways, and across departments to ensure employee awareness of important company information.
Use posters as a part of your annual employee communication strategy.
Posters inform employees of upcoming meetings or events, and are usually used on a short-term basis. Posters offer another avenue for getting the message out to your employees.

Benefits of Employee Communication Posters

Consistent Messaging

Announce or reinforce important company information delivered to employees during onboarding, via meetings, or through a company newsletter.

Timely Announcements

Human resources can announce company news like open enrollment, health fairs, or fun company events in visible areas of your office at the right time throughout the year.

Company Branded

Designed with your company colors, logo, and key messaging, branding creates continuity, thus encouraging engagement to foster improved company culture and workforce satisfaction.

Employee Communication Poster Samples