Human Resources


Human Resources

Employee Communications Made Easy

Communication solutions to help your HR team keep employees engaged and informed.
Print options such as benefit guides, postcards, posters, or newsletters, and digital options like animated videos, benefits websites, and audio/visual presentations help you keep branded informative information in front of employees during open enrollment and year round.
Project management to guide you through each creative step and deliver on time.
Keeping a regular cadence of communication during open enrollment or any time of the year can prove challenging for even the best HR departments. Count on us to provide the communication support you need to engage and retain top talent, and help employees make informed decisions.

Benefits of Our Human Resources Solutions

Strategic Consulting

Specific to your company’s needs and your expectations, we offer consulting services to help you guide the communication process with your employees and to determine the best communication solution for each project.

Project Management

A key component of our services, our project management professional service has been designed to guide each communication project with you and your company to insure an on time and successful outcome.

Printing and Distribution

Count on us to print and deliver your communication products. Through our print and distribution channels, we can offer you the best rates for shipping and mailing our high quality products.

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Custom Benefit Guides

CPI’s depth of understanding of employee benefits allows us to write and design benefit guides that promote the theme of your human resource’s benefits programs. We will manage your project and work closely with you and your team to deliver a branded and succinct benefits guide that resonates with your brand and culture.

Audio Visual Presentations

Utilize our AV presentations to deliver important employee information in a variety of ways. Video keeps employees engaged through dynamic visuals, and audio enhances that engagement further tying the spoken word to the visual content.

Custom Crafted Communication Campaigns

Customized Campaigns

Specific to your brand and benefits.

An ongoing communications strategy can boost your employees’ acceptance of benefit changes.

We help you determine what you want to achieve, the best way to achieve your goal, and at a cost that makes sense for your budget.

Year-Round Communications

Keep employees engaged throughout the year.

It’s important to communicate to your employees about benefits during open enrollment and throughout the year.

We can partner with you to create a customized communications campaign that can be as small or large as your company requires.

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